Where should you begin?

It's not so easy to encourage yourself to go to therapist. Starting in a messenger with 'Hello, how long will it take us? What is the cost?' takes courage, too.

These feelings are quite normal. This is the way it should be. After all you are going to confide in me, who is absolutely unknown person to you. Oh, yes, a person with a diploma and recommendations. Anyway...

This is why some people start with a neutral issue, which seems to be safe for discussion. Like children or job issues. Later on, when a patient begin to trust and feel safe, he/she begins to share his/her deep true feelings. Sometimes these feelings are unpleasant for the patient, like he/she doesn't feel love to his/her child or is envious to his/her boss. These are quite normal human feelings each of us used to experience.

There are common myths about therapist and the process. Read>>

Oftentimes people come to consultant when anxiety is so painful and unbearable, not always knowing where to start their story without feeling ashamed and awkward. It takes time to encourage and go into deeper exploration of Self.
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