How many therapy sessions do people typically need?

I offer different ways of therapy:

Single session. Sometimes we don't need or want to go into therapy, but we experience some life issues to resolve which we go to consultant. We can work together to help you to tap into the source of growth or make a decision.

Short-term therpay – You and me set one or two goals and focus on specific challenges that are causing the greatest amount of adversity at present. By turning attention to certain areas of your life, we together recognize which of your patterns of behavior are no longer adaptive, and where you might benefit from trying out new ways to react to their internal world and external environment. Emotional phobias, where the patients are overwhelmed with anxiety due to a particular emotional context, respond well to short-term therapy. It usually takes 10-12 sessions.

Long-term therapy – it can contines from several months to 2-3 years depending on goals you set.
The benefits of long-therapy include allowing the patient and therapist to take their time unpacking troubling, and at times traumatic issues, whose ramifications may have plagued the patient for a great deal of their lives. Though patients often feel an urgency to relieve themselves of adverse symptoms, some can take years to eradicate, just as some patterns of behavior can take years to replace. For these cases, there is long-term therapy.

A weekly session is ideal for all types of therapy. During the session you are welcome to ask me 'Why am I asking this?', 'What are we focusing on now?', 'How will it help?', etc. You can disagree with me, offer your point of view - you and I are in the process of equal cooperation.
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